Les Mauvais Terres Pour Traverse (the Badlands)

Our next stop was Badlands National Park.


In the early 1900’s, French Canadian hunters called the area “les mauvais terres pour traverse” or “bad lands to travel through.”  It was named as such because the land was subject to extreme temperatures and lack of water and the terrain was exposed and rugged.

Of all of the places to which we traveled this summer, the Badlands was my absolute favorite by far.



Friends, it is a must-see in my book and truly bucket-list worthy.  I snapped a lot of pictures at this stop, so apologies in advance if it gets boring!

dsc_0156 dsc_0152

We hiked all around the Badlands.  There was lots to see.  Luckily, it wasn’t crowded and despite the arid conditions, the temperature was comfortable and on occasion even chilly.  I was thankful that we hit the park at such a good time because I have heard that the weather can be oppressively hot and downright miserable.  Hence the name.

We saw plenty of the rocky terrain.



dsc_0169 dsc_0167

The scenery was breath-taking.


dsc_0171In contrast to the rocky desert lands, there was also expanses of gorgeous prairie-lands with herds of big horn sheep and buffalo.


dsc_0189 dsc_0178

This picture I call “Four White Sheep Boo-tays.”

dsc_0197dsc_0195 dsc_0199


dsc_0234 dsc_0236I suppose if I had to travel through the area on foot, with no access to water and no relief from the elements, I would think of these lands as “bad.”  But from my perspective, it was nothing short of spectacular.


dsc_0205 dsc_0210 dsc_0211

dsc_0227 dsc_0270

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