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Back to Muslim Street

We flew out of Lhasa and had an overnight layover in Xi’an.  I have never forgotten our first trip here way back in 2014.  It wasn’t the memory of the terra cotta warriors that wouldn’t leave my mind.  Instead it was the street food on Muslim Street I had been dreaming about.  On our last visit, we had eaten a very big lunch before our guide took us to Muslim Street, so, try as I might, I simply had very little room left in my belly to properly appreciate the food experience.  I was determined to get the full effect this time.

Muslim Street is lined with cart after cart of street food vendors.

So the last time we were here, I noticed these noodle shops where people would be given pita bread.  Each person would tear up the pita bread and put into a bowl.  Then a server would whisk your bowl away and mix the pieces with broth, glass noodles and slices of beef.

The result is this.

The pita bread softened and were like the dumplings in chicken and dumplings.  I know the picture doesn’t really look that appetizing, but it was quite good and very filling.  The broth tasted similar to pho broth.

The kids had this “Chinese Hamburger,” which was a like thick  beef stew mashed up and then placed between a split pita.  It also was tasty.

Benjy’s personal favorite is what he calls “Monkey on a Stick.”  I don’t think it’s monkey though (or I hope not).

There were candy makers pulling candy.

And spice shops selling every spice imaginable.  This one was obviously the chili pepper shop.


Muslim Street was definitely worth another visit!


So, I know I haven’t done this in a long while.   Here is the Dog of the Day.

Yes, that’s a dog with sunglasses being pushed in a stroller.  Only in Hong Kong!

You’re welcome.